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Corporate news
2023 World Computing Conference | Xinhai CSC2E101 won the "Outstanding Achievement Award of Special Exhibition"

On September 15, the "2023 World Computing Conference" jointly organized by the People's Government of Hunan Province and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology opened in Changsha。Core Sea Technology (stock code: 688595) As a leading enterprise in the field of computer and peripheral chips in China was invited to participate in the exhibition。

The World Computing Conference has been successfully held for the fifth time, which is an important window for the world to understand China's computing industry and an important platform for gathering resources and elements of the global computing industry。Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Turing AwardYao Qizhi, Dean of Cross Information Research Institute of Tsinghua University,Jiang Xiaojuan, former Deputy Secretary-General of The State Council, President of the China Association of Industrial Economics, Professor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xue Qikun, President of Southern University of Science and Technology and professor of Tsinghua University,Ni Guangnan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Researcher of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xu Zhijun, Vice chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei Technologies Co., LTD,Chen Xudong, chairman and general manager of IBM Greater China,Areba Reiman, French President of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, and seven other guests delivered keynote speeches。

Participating enterprises mainly include China Electronics, China Unicom, China Electronics, Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, ZTE, Zhongke Dawning, Inspur, Qualcomm, IBM and other well-known computing enterprises at home and abroad,And more than 150 important guests, including 20 well-known academicians, authoritative experts at home and abroad and well-known entrepreneurs,Around the topic of "New changes in computing industry",Keynote speeches and high-end seminars,Discuss the hot spots of industry development,This section describes the latest computing developments,Communicate key generic technologies,For everyone to present an authoritative, cutting-edge,A conference focusing on hot spots and building consensus on development。


At present, the most important change in the computer industry isIn the field of underlying chips, under the guidance of national policies, domestic PC chip manufacturers are ushering in a rare window of opportunity。Core Sea Technology CSC2E101 was launched in May 2022COMPUTEX台北国际电脑展首发亮相,是一款主要服务商用级PC市场的32位高性能notebook电脑EC,是首个进入Intel PCL列表的,达到国际行业标准且获得国际认可的中国大陆地区EC产品。

At present, Core Sea Technology has launched the second generation of EC chip CSCE2010。CSCE2010 is an EC chip designed for the mainstream consumer notebook market。Its main characteristics are highly scalable, low power consumption and easy development, especially in terms of scalability and low power consumption, product performance is outstanding。At present, the chip has been returned and verified by the chip in the near future, and it is being imported by major customers。

China has the world's most complete PC industry supplyChain is also the world's largest consumer market for PC products。The future, core sea technologyWill still focus on computer and peripheral chip applications to"Drive computing, service computing" is the direction,Actively integrate into the global PC market,Continue to create higher specifications, stronger performance and more innovative computer and peripheral chip products,And in terms of supply chain continuity,Strive to build a more stable and secure product supply system,It will help China's computing industry develop in a faster, more stable and safer direction。

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